Welcome To Our First Blog post

Hi everyone!

Thanks for clicking on our first blog post. You are probably thinking – I thought you were a furniture shop? Why are you writing a blog?

This is an idea we have had for a long time and after speaking with lots of different customers, many of you have said that you’d love to see a little bit more “behind the scenes” at team DR. We plan to have a new blog post every two weeks about all things interior! This is a platform that you can connect with us and hopefully take some tips/advice or even just enjoy some easy reading to pass the time!

Assuming that those reading this have probably heard of The Designer Rooms before but for those of you who haven’t, I can fill you in!

We are an independent furniture company, established in 2010. We currently have 6 showrooms throughout Scotland and are growing quicker than ever. Infact – last night we just announced the opening of two new stores for 2020! We have a massive selection of designer sofas, dining and bedroom furniture as well as some never seen before, gorgeous home accessories, mirrors, pictures and quirky ornaments!

At The Designer Rooms We pride ourselves in having something to suit each and every styles and taste and we love sharing ideas and inspiration for home décor. Although we are always up to date with the current trends – we also have lots of traditional pieces for those of you with a more classic taste.

The idea behind this blog is that we don’t want each and every post to be photos of our stock and some prices – we want to interact and get excited about interior and all things homey! We want to bring you along every step of the way and show you all what really goes on in the background! This means sneak peaks of our new stores, taking you along to buying trips, the lot.

The last few years we’ve watched the rise of the #InstaHome. With home accounts popping up here and there, we all care about our décor more than ever – so now is the perfect time. We’d love to hear what you’d like us to talk about so please leave some blog suggestions underneath or even any questions you’d like us to answer!

See you in 2 weeks time!

The Designer Rooms Team