If you "Buyer" select our ‘Pay 20% Deposit’ option at checkout, you the “Buyer” agree to pay the 20% deposit amount charged at checkout as a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT towards the purchase of your full order. 

You "Buyer" agree to pay the remaining 80% of your balance (which is shown as  a discount/deposit payment on initial order) when we "The Designer Rooms" call to arrange delivery and collect the remaining payment.

We “The Designer Rooms” will clearly calculate and display the amount on the cart for what you’ll pay today and what you’ll pay later. This is also outlined to you on the cart before purchasing and in the confirmation email provided after paying your deposit.

We "The Designer Rooms" will contact you to arrange the delivery of your purchase and to collect the balance owed for the purchase. If you are unable to meet this final balance payment then we have no option but to cancel the delivery process of your order until the remaining balance has been completed, as per your confirmation email outlined agreement.

You, “Buyer” understands, acknowledges, and agrees that if you fail to pay us "The Designer Rooms" the remaining amount due, when it is due, for the purchase of your online order, the NON-REFUNDABLE-DEPOSIT shall be forfeited.

You, “Buyer” understand that we WILL and do hold the right to cancel the order and not issue a refund for the deposit paid if and when failure to make the remaining deposit payment has occurred.

Buy continuing on the cart to the payment stage (checkout) you are agreeing to the above outlined Deposit Agreement set out by Urban Kandi Limited (Trading as The Designer Rooms).