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Create a Stunning Feature Wall in Your New Build Flat Bedroom

Create a Stunning Feature Wall in Your New Build Flat Bedroom Create a Stunning Feature Wall in Your New Build Flat Bedroom
Create a Stunning Feature Wall in Your New Build Flat Bedroom

Creating a feature wall is an easy and cost-effective way to transform your bedroom in a new build flat. Whether you opt for wallpaper, paint, or panelling, a feature wall can inject personality and style into your space. When I moved into my new flat, the blank walls felt uninspiring until I decided to create a feature wall. This blog explores various ideas and tips for creating a stunning feature wall that suits your taste and complements your bedroom décor.

Benefits of a Feature Wall

A feature wall can significantly enhance the look and feel of your bedroom. It acts as a focal point, drawing attention to the best parts of your room and creating a sense of balance and harmony. Feature walls also provide an opportunity to experiment with bold colours, patterns, and textures without overwhelming the entire space. In my own experience, a feature wall transformed my room from plain to inviting, making it my favourite space to relax.

Using Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an excellent choice for a feature wall due to its variety of designs, patterns, and textures. From bold geometric prints to subtle floral patterns, wallpaper can add immediate character to your bedroom.

  • Selection Tips: Choose wallpaper that complements your bedroom's colour scheme and style. Consider peel-and-stick wallpaper for an easy, mess-free application.
  • Application Tips: Ensure the wall is clean and smooth before applying the wallpaper. Measure and cut the wallpaper carefully to avoid waste and ensure a perfect fit.

Using Paint

Painting a feature wall is a cost-effective and versatile option. With endless colour choices and creative techniques, you can easily create a unique and stunning feature wall.

  • Colour Selection: Choose a bold or contrasting colour to make the feature wall stand out. Consider the mood you want to create in your bedroom when selecting the colour.
  • Painting Techniques: Experiment with techniques such as ombre, stripes, or stencilling to add depth and interest to the wall.

Using Panelling

Panelling is a fantastic way to add texture and depth to your feature wall. It can create a classic, elegant look or a modern, rustic charm depending on the type of panelling you choose.

  • Types of Panelling: Consider options such as shiplap, beadboard, or raised panels. Each type offers a different aesthetic and level of complexity.
  • Installation Tips: Measure and cut the panels carefully. Use a level to ensure each panel is aligned correctly during installation.


Creating a feature wall in your new build flat bedroom is a great way to personalise your space and make a bold statement. Whether you choose wallpaper, paint, or panelling, the key is to select a style that reflects your taste and complements your décor.